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Halloween is celebrated in many countries. It is the custom of masquerading and refers to the holy dead. Halloween is celebrated mainly in western countries. Pumpkins, ghosts, demons, zombies, vampires, witches, skulls, bats and black cats are symbols of this festivals. Traditions - Scary farm Young people visit scary farms which looks like a decor plan of horror films. - Trick of treat Children goes with bags for candies, visits their neighbors and other residents in the area. When people don’t want give candies they receive trick from children. - Apple bobbing In this game people should bite one of the apples in pelvis without using hands. In Halloween children and adults dress up as monster such as vampires, ghosts, witches and others. On the first day of November, when evening falls homes, gardens and garages foster a few weeks earlier slowly starting to wake up to life. In every American window flashes yellowish glow of burning candles inside a pumpkin. On the door hung human skeletons, skulls, and in front of houses on the carefully manicured and trimmed lawns appear ... coffin. Windows, doors, trees and shrubs are clothed are a strange spider web. On the roofs there are gigantic spiders, and right next to them grow huge rats, owls pompous and strange barking chains bogeyman. All this is meant to deter witches and evil spirits from houses. Halloween in United States Halloween in America is cultivated very happily and almost theatrically. Every year, swarms of costumed roam the streets of American cities and small towns. Children and adults dress grotesque and bizarre clothing. Frequent costumed characters are not only found in fairy tales villains, devils and witches. You can meet several years boys dressed as superheroes of movies and TV series such as Spider Man and Iron Man. In the late afternoon of Halloween dressed children accompanied by their parents they wander from house to house asking for candy. Knocking on doors shouting always famous "trick or treat".They receive for sweets, and even small gifts. Halloween in Great Britain During Halloween residents of the UK they dress up as ghosts, vampires, characters from horror movies. On the streets, held costumed parade. The basis is good fun.

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