sobota, 24 czerwca 2017

The end of junior high school!!

We want to tell you that today was the end of school year. Three years of education in this team has just ended. We don't believe that this time flew so quickly... Thank you very much Mrs. Joanna Skowron and other teachers for our education, great heart and huge effort. Three years in this school among the wonderful people brought us a lot of nice memories. Now it's hard for us to say goodbye. We promise our teachers that we will not fail them in high school! We hope to meet again in the same team soon...

Graduates of Junior High School number 2 in Mielec, language class 3F

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  1. Najlepsza Klasa!!! Dziękuję za 3 lata pięknych wspomnień i chwil!!!! Wszystkiego Najlepszego na nowej ścieżce życia! Wychowawczyni Joanna Skowron


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