wtorek, 23 czerwca 2015


On day 3^rd on June our class wnet a trip to Zator. There is the largest amusement park in Poland – ENERGYLANDIA. Energylandia is exceptional place where everyone can find something for everyone. It is a powerful area in which huge area of 26 hectares is located more than 30 different kinds of modern facilities and attractions the extreme, by family, and ending with those for kids. All of them are presented in thematic, stylized decorations. Very important is the fact that in Energylandia buying one ticket, you can enjoy all the facilities and attractions will and without time. From the amusement park all came very tried and satisfied. I think that such a trip is a great idea for the trip. We hope that our teacher Ms. Joanna Skowron willing to go with us in an equally interesting places.

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