sobota, 25 kwietnia 2015

There was very colourful……

Next and very awsome day at our school has just gone by!!!!!!
On 25th March we had so called Very Colourful ,Artistic and Scientific Festival during which each class had different tasks. This year, the first classes were supposed to take part in the Battle on Voices 
( Bitwa na głosy) and in Fashion Show. As far as the first competition is concerned, each class had to perform any song of Polish arist or band. Our class sang and played a song by Marek Grechuta “ Dni, których nie znamy” ( Days we do not know). We were praised for not having a backing tack. Ola and Wanesa were playing the guitars, Patryk the drum. What is more, all members of our class sang!!!!We won the third place- thank you the dearest jury!!!!
The second competition was to show the typical clothes of a woman and a man from the Middle Ages. The couple could have a narrator to describe the outfits. Our representatives were Michał Parys as a Teutonic Knight and Wanesa Wołowiec as an innocent girl in a beautiful  white dress. Our narrator was Wiktoria Radłowska. And our class won…………yes …the third place, too.
We are warming up for the next year!!!

P.S. keep calm and watch our photos

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