piątek, 24 października 2014

Live Healthy!

Live Healthy!
On 10th October our class took part in the Second Edition of Autumn Picnic called ‘Live Healthy’, in Agricultural Training Centre in Rzemien.
On the spot we were warmly greeted by our guide – a local Maths teacher. We were shown the details of students ` school life- the agricultural machines and animals. We were shown round the school where we could see the local dishes, taste them……….hmmm………yummy!. We heard a very interesting lecture about the advantages of drinking milk and generally healthy lifestyle.
The best and the most exciting moment during that day was driving  tractors and a car!!
 At the end we watched a play prepared by the students. The play presented  different countries and their habits and cultures.
We are extremely amazed with the hospitality of the students and the teachers of this school.

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