poniedziałek, 29 września 2014

European Day of languages

On 26th we were celebrating the European Day of Languages. That day our school looked like a typical street of New York, multicultural melting pot!!!!!!!!!! Students put on national costumes from many countries. We could spot Spaniards and Scots…..and  Italian, German, French   residents. Some people were speaking English and German during breaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. During language lessons we were playing some games.  At the beginning of the second and sixth lesson we had special audition on the school radio.
It was a really nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Au revoir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Auf widersehen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Na shledanou !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do videnia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Viszontla'ta'sra !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hasta la vista!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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